Things to know?

 Things to consider! (Keep Hoses inside during Christmas and Newyear!)
  • We use the 8 Lay-Z-spa Monaco Hot Tubs with a 2KW heater and dual heating.
  • You need an area of up to 2.5m x 2.5m for the Hot Tub to fit nicely.
  • Ground surface must be swept, clear and level - fine gravel is ok.
  • We can go through your home if access is an issue as everything packs down.
  • Hot Tubs can go on patio, decking and grass but we recommend if on grass you add a tarpaulin.
  • Hot Tubs take 24/36 hours to heat dependant on ambient temperatures, warm taps can be used to aid this.
  • We supply a hose but please tell us if you have one we can use.
  • Ensure you establish a suitable power source 13amp and be mindful that a window may need to be kept open throughout the duration of your hire.
  • We come and pump the water out for you so please ensure you make provisions for drainage a waste drain will be fine, we will however not pump water into storm drains or where there is live stock, lakes, streams etc.


  • Always check and clean your filter on a daily basis.
  • Always test your water with test strips provided twice daily and add Bromine/Ph      where appropriate.

Note: Please follow all of the information provided to you on the day of set up and ensure that if you are not around that you make sure someone is there to accept responsibility for following all procedures during the hire such as water treatment and general maintenance and remember error codes are printed in your hot tub maintenance pack so follow these if you have an issue! 

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